Anwendungen und Lösungen der Zutrittskontrolle

CDVI-Produkte sind so konzipiert, dass sie als komplette End-to-End-Zutrittskontrolllösungen zusammenarbeiten. Durch die spezielle Entwicklung von Produkten für die Integration und Kompatibilität können Sie umfassende Systeme für Ihre Kunden schaffen, die alle Herausforderungen im Bereich der Zutrittskontrolle mit einer einfachen Lösung bewältigen.

  • Group of children running and smiling away from a school entrance

    Access Control for Education

    There are few things more important than the safety and security of schools and universities. With large numbers of staff,…

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  • Access Control for Healthcare Facilities

    How can healthcare institutions improve accessibility and the free flow of traffic whilst simultaneously ensuring the robust security required within…

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  • A side view of a man and a woman running on a treadmill at the gym

    Access Control for Gyms & Leisure Centres

    Gyms and leisure facilities have become an essential part of day-to-day life for millions of people. How can these facilities…

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  • An sign sits on a surface in front of a pretty vase of flowers reading 'welcome' and 'open' to signify a small business

    Access Control for Small Businesses

    Small business owners have a lot to think about. They are sales reps, marketers, accountants, shelf stackers, buyers, recruiters, cleaners,…

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  • A closeup of a man dropping a coin into a pink piggybank to signify saving money

    Access Control for Banks & Finance

    Banks and financial institutions are high security environments that demand the most robust systems. Protecting valuable assets, technology, and data,…

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  • Access Control for Government Buildings

    Government buildings at both national and local levels often have large bodies of staff and many visitors entering and moving…

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  • Access Control for Holiday Accommodation

    By their nature, holiday accommodation providers have to handle a large number of different visitors coming and going constantly, sometimes…

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  • Access Control for Offices

    Offices and corporate facilities have a lot to take care of: their workforce, large quantities of expensive equipment, and often…

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