What is ATRIUM access control?

Developed with installers and end users in mind, ATRIUM is a web-based access control system that features a free, easy-to-use app and free management software, offering fast and reliable access control to one or multiple sites.

Controlling up to 500 doors and 10,000 users, ATRIUM gives users the ability to allow or deny access across multiple levels and areas, for both overall building security and internal granular hierarchies. In addition, ATRIUM users benefit from seamless integrations with both CCTV and security alarm systems, for comprehensive building management strategies.

Free management software with Floorplan Manager add-on
Backed by a unique 10-year CDVI warranty
Built-in counter function and anti-passback
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Why choose ATRIUM?

A flexible access control solution that’s quick and easy to install. With an embedded web server, all parameters can be quickly and easily configured for successful installations, from any device.

Two doors per controller

Wouldn’t it be great if your installations took half as long? When you can control two doors for every ATRIUM controller, you only need half the number of controllers! Save yourself time on site and pass on big cost savings to your customers.

Free ATRIUM software

  • Embedded web server as standard
  • Connect offline from any device
  • Set up and configure parameters with no hassle
  • Quickly and easily manage cards, users, and keypad codes
  • Set up and assign access levels and credentials
  • Control door commands and status remotely
10,000 users
A flexible and scalable solution for both small and large projects
500 doors
As easy to use for 5 or 500 doors, a simple solution that scales seamlessly
1000 levels
Up to 1000 access levels for full visibility and comprehensive control
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Easy, sleek, and stylish security

A powerful system offering full visibility and simple daily management.

  • Built-in web server and power supply for quick and easy setup
  • Wide range of compatible readers, keypads, and cards
  • Combine with touchless solutions for enhanced hygiene
  • One-click interlock for creating a secure area between doors
  • Free Floorplan Manager software for a complete site overview
  • Immediate email alerts when security events occur
  • Anti-passback to prevent misuse of credentials through sharing or stealing

ATRIUM Finder App

ATRIUM Finder is an installer app that helps you to quickly locate an ATRIUM controller on your LAN. It saves you time searching for controller information and means you don’t have to wait for a site IT technician to help you. The app is compatible with both the A22 and the high security A22K controllers. Once you have found the right controller, simply click on it to be redirected to the secure integrated web server login page.

Need some help installing ATRIUM?

Our Technical Support team are on hand to help. Contact us via phone or web chat during our normal working hours for expert support straightaway. At other times, either drop us an email or leave us a message on our website.

ATRIUM Case Studies

Ribblesdale High School

A new access control system for a high school in the heart of the Ribble Valley.
CDVI Academy on-site training with ATRIUM access control and Mobile-PASS smartphone credentials

Installer training that's always free, always friendly, and always safe

Join us at CDVI Academy to learn all you need to know about installing ATRIUM. Courses are available on-site at our High Wycombe training facility, online in webinar format, or we can come to you.